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About - David Mayne, Photographer


David is a photographer who works predominantly in the South Wales and West Country area, focusing mainly on social and environmental themes, exploring who we are, how we live and how we express ourselves - whether subtly or in more overt ways.  David studied photography at Bridgend College and Cardiff School of Art and Design.


The work displayed in this website is arranged in a broadly chronological order, covering the period between 2010 and the present.  Some projects have been completed but one or two of the later ones are ongoing.


Q & A


Why photography?


It's just something I was drawn to from a young age.  I enjoy the immediacy of expression in the capture and how images can generate different opinions or feelings, that whilst they might be opposed in some way, can both be right and exisit toegther within the same space.  It can be said about all visual forms of expression but photography just seems more democratic and equal.


What draws you to a particular subject?


I'm interested in the urban environment and the things we make and how we as people express ourselves through them.  I'm drawn to things that communicate something about how we are as a society - commentaries on commercialism, politics, the fabric of our surroundings and so on.  I spend a lot of time wandering around town and city centres so its natural to want to observe and record what I see.




Influence is a difficult one to guage.  I don't consciously seek to copy anyone but I'm sure others could point to similarities in my work when thinking about other more famous photographers.  I do enjoy the work of people like David Bailey, Stephen Shore, Richard Avedon and Keith Arnatt -  Arnatt in particular because his work is humerous, relevant and important in terms of how photography can work as a visual medium.  His work feels like it gives me immense freedom to do whatever I like and to be myself as a photographer, if indeed that is at all possible.  I'm also drawn to Welsh photographers - David Hurn, Philip Jones Griffiths are prominent examples - who are often motivated by conviction as much as artistry.  The concerned observational nature of their work is cause for reflection and thought.